Kathy Carter, LPC

Kathryn “Kathy” L. Carter, MA, LPC


My way of working with clients is gentle and encouraging. I offer an environment of acceptance and trust where tough issues may be addressed.

I help my clients overcome obstacles and achieve greater life satisfaction. I am particularly successful with reducing barriers to change and establishing hope. My clients feel increased confidence, like themselves more, and progress toward realizing their potentials.

Through my extensive training, experience, and deep interest in sharing what I’ve learned, I offer you new ways of healthy self-expression.

Children and their Parents

In my work with children, I use child-centered play therapy techniques. It is a gentle therapy that honors a child’s needs for both self-expression and limits.

In play therapy, children learn self-control, self-respect and creativity in dealing with problems. I provide a child-oriented environment with a carefully selected set of toys through which children express themselves and begin to resolve difficulties.

Because children and parents are part of a family system, I also offer parents experiences in engaging their children in new ways. Parents find they enjoy their children more.

During my four years at an agency, I advocated for play therapy by setting up a play therapy room, and working for improved training and supervision of child therapists.

In addition to my masters-level training in play therapy with children, and involvement in play therapy workshops, I am pursuing Registered Play Therapist credentials.

I strongly support addressing childhood issues early, before problems evolve into unhealthy lifestyles. We were all children once.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor authorized by the State of Texas to practice. Currently, I accept Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, and insurance administered under MultiPlan (see logo on insurance card). I also offer a limited number of sliding scale fees.

Kathryn L. Carter, MA, LPC

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